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Data Management

Data Management remains at the core of successful CARF Accredited organizations and payments by third Party Payors.

Identifying key quality indicators through CARF Accreditation assures which performance data will be collected and systematically monitored for quality assurance.

Data variables, or measures should include those aimed at Effectiveness, Efficiency, and Access. In selecting indicators, team members should ask themselves, “what do we believe are the most important data variables in the provision of quality services”?

Data Management Questions:

  1. Are Patient Census goals being met?
  2. The number of clients completing all phases of the treatment program
  3. Numbers of clients dropping out of treatment?
  4. Demographic Variables; %males, % females, Marital Status of participants, Educational Levels, Income Levels, Ages Employment status, etc.
  5. Average Length of Stay in the program and other programs
  6. Average length of stay of people dropping out of programming

Today, third-party payors are utilizing Report Card technology based on data management to identify preferred providers.

The ACG Group is prepared to help Clients with drafting facility policies and procedures and data management for CARF Accreditation.