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CARF FAQ’s (frequently asked questions) are important to read and understand.

In ACG Group’s interpretation of the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities, these frequently asked questions are a key ingredient for organizational survival. By adopting this accreditation model the overall delivery system is directly committed to continuous quality improvement of delivery systems.

One of the most important starting points in the accreditation process is being able to understand the appropriate manual the organization will be accredited under and what programs will be accredited. Once this decision has been made the Organization can proceed to measure current practices against the appropriate CARF Standards.

1. Can CARF Accreditation really improve my Organization’s services, quality of patient care, and improve treatment outcomes? 

CARF Accreditation improve both the clinical processes and the operations’ financial position. By integrating the standards into daily operations,  the impact will achieve consistency and quality in Clinical services.

For organizations’ seeking accreditation status it is important to keep in mind all health care providers must be able to demonstrate compliance with CARF Standards.

2. What is the Facilities self-evaluation process?  

As one of the first steps in the accreditation process it is critically important for the treatment provider to develop an initial “Self Evaluation Study” to determine their present conformance to the CARF Standards.

3. How important is an organization’s self-evaluation for accreditation and should we spend the money, time and effort for one?

Spending the extra time and effort upfront with the organizations’ policies & procedures self-evaluation will expedite the accreditation process. Multiple opportunities for training and staff familiarization with the accrediting process can become powerful tools for advancing adoption of CARF’s values and policies within the operation.

4. Are there essential services we should consider as critically important for our CARF Accreditation?

CARF accreditation will require organizational restructuring and the development of new services and technologies. To be successful and sustained over time reform will require a radical shift in current culture, behaviors and mindsets of providers.


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