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Patient Care

Patient care is normally improved by CARF Accreditation.

Programs with CARF Accreditation have improved their patient care delivery systems. Having the health enterprise accredited can set in motion, significant advances in health delivery systems and positive patient outcomes.

Recently, there is a rising sense of skepticism about the quality of addiction treatment and behavioral health, largely resulting from the rise of expensive addiction treatment and behavioral health chains. Infrequently, some providers focus exclusively on producing billable procedures, rather than being concerned about successful patient outcomes. When providers zero in on money, often the results are higher costs and more opportunities for errors to occur. Recent moves by corporate giants appears to come at the expense of successful patient outcomes.

Under the “fee for service” arrangements, health providers are continuing  to provide increasingly isolated, more expensive services in order to grow revenues.

The current market oriented approach encourages duplication of expensive high revenue procedures, although insurance company reimbursement payments are now shifting accountability to providers for fully managing behavioral health and addiction treatment disease categories. Patient care is receiving rising pressure from government and third party payors for accountability and cost management by providers’.

Patient care quality remains a critical ingredient in successfully marketing addiction treatment and behavioral health services.

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