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Patient Re-Admissions

Patient re-admissions have become revolving doors in addiction services.

One of the continuing problems with the quality of treatment services has been the governments’ concern over the high numbers of patients failing to complete treatment. Many times after discharge patients are re-admitted for care at the same or other facilities.

Even where patients are discharged from services as “treatment complete”, they are often left with no aftercare plans. Usually patients have infrequent referrals to basic After Care services.

CARF Surveys show treatment programs usually lack linkages to AA sponsors, networking for jobs, sober living arrangements, and poor communications with case managers. Numbers of programs are sited on CARF surveys for clinical programming failures. Frequently, these same programs lack basic data collection systems. 

Addictions Consulting group

The Addictions Consulting Group (ACG) is a national consulting firm specializes in writing organization policies to assure compliance with CARF Standards. We provide an expert team of senior professionals, and we offer clients experience, insight, into CARF policies. The ACG Team offers inexpensive assistance with writing CARF Planning manuals, strategic Organization Plans, coaching, training, and quality outcome reports.

In today’s climate of scarce resources for behavioral health programs, only those programs that can credibly demonstrate their cost-effectiveness and outcome reliability will garner the funding necessary to sustain and expand their efforts.

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