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Training Services


Getting smarter about training services is about understanding how people learn.

Training services and online Seminars delivered over the internet are ideally suited to staff because they offer low-cost learning opportunities for understanding CARF Accreditation Standards.

Real thinking occurs when educated people are actually engaged in answering critical issues, such as CARF confronting the enterprise.

Coping with training services usually means building a mental picture of how operations work – many times this can be far removed from reality. To allow employees to improve efficiency in delivery systems requires top managers personally invest in quality educational programs for people within the organization.

In this rapidly changing environment one of the key learning rules suggests managers must focus on the content of Training Services and timing with which people have to learn.

ACG Group’s low cost Training Services can speed up staff CARF learning. 

Call us today: 1-406-252-8147 – We offer an initial Phone Conference on CARF Issues and an assessment at no cost.