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CARF Expectations

The front (Aspire) section of the CARF  Behavioral Health Manual standards are heavily weighted towards compliance.

Areas emphasized include

Leadership Leadership structure is documented by organizational charts defining the positions and lines of authority and a comprehensive explanation of the chart. Survey teams verify the responsibilities of leadership. Succession planning identifies actions taken by an organization should leadership change or be unavailable. The organization has a cultural competency plan that demonstrates staff composition relative to the diversity of the community it serves. .

Strategic PlanningSetting Strategic planning is the activity of understanding the environment. This is the road map of future directions the organization intends to take. All organizations document a strategic plan that incorporates social determinants of health into the strategic plan and must be shared with staff, persons served and the community of interest.

Legal Requirements are required to comply with all legal state and federal and regulatory requirements. The organization ensures the rights of all patients and staff are preserved, and a process for grievances is in place

Financial Planning and Management Financial budgets should be written and prepared in advance of the fiscal year and include: Revenues, Expenses and Capital Expenditures. Monthly financial statement should be available to governance and managers.

Risk Management Risk Management focuses on an assessment of risks to the organization and measures to modify risks.

Health and Safety – unscientific estimates from CARF surveyors suggests Health & Safety may amounts to 30% of the Final survey outcome. Written comprehensive policies and procedures are required along with regular documented drills and there must be substantial conformance to all of these Standards.

Technology These standards emphasize a Technology and Systems Plan, with a great deal of specificity. Written procedures for services delivered via information and communication technologies are required as is annual testing of the system.

Performance Measurement & Management [Quality Improvement]These two chapters weigh heavily as well and represent the need for a plan, committee, criteria across all facets of the organization and an outcome instrument.

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