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Performance Measurement

Performance measurement is a necessity in today’s healthcare landscape.

With third-party payors demanding provider accountability and cost containment, behavioral health and addiction treatment providers are under scrutiny for their slow adoption of performance measures.

It is important that all providers implement performance measurement systems that monitor quality improvement elements and evaluate program effectiveness by collecting patient treatment outcome data. Provider statistical outcome reports, policies, and procedures should align with CARF’s current Standards.

The pressure from federal and state governments, along with third-party payors, to enhance treatment efficacy while containing costs has never been greater. Providers must embrace tools that allow them to improve services for individual clients through robust performance measurement strategies available now.

At ACG Group, we understand the importance of performance measurement in achieving CARF accreditation. Contact us today at 1-406-252-8147 for a free Phone Conference on CARF Issues and an initial CARF assessment at no cost. Don’t wait any longer to elevate your organization’s performance through effective measurement practices.

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