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Mona Sumner


Mona Sumner stands out as a superb clinician with an exceptional understanding of CARF Accreditation standards. In the field of addiction treatment and co-occurring disorders her contributions have shaped CARF Standards. She has set new benchmarks for healthcare and delivery systems.

Mona has published a wealth articles on CARF Standards. She has written a comprehensive patient assessment manual, and is commitment to educating through workshops. Mona Sumner’s influence is far-reaching, and is the founder of Montana’s largest Addiction Substance Treatment Center. she has spearheaded development of treatment services including medical detoxification and intensive outpatient care.

Mona is dedicated to providing treatment services to diverse populations. This service includes drug courts and incarcerated individuals, and highlights her commitment to those in need. She continues to play an important role in guiding organizations towards growth strategies amidst amidst healthcare reform barriers.

Collaborating with national bodies on strategic partnerships showcases Mona’s thoughtful approach in shaping current care models. In her role as Principal at the Addictions Consulting Group, Mona actively continues teaching, training, and consulting activities.

Education credits include Licensed Addiction Counselor, Certified Addiction Specialist, Master Addiction Counselor and Author underscore her expertise. As a senior surveyor for CARF, Mona Sumner continues demonstrating her ongoing commitment to supporting CARF accreditation standards within.

With an innovative career marked by innovation and advocacy for quality care, Mona Sumner remains a key figure in addiction treatment administration.