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Loren Hoffman

p1000340-copyLoren is proud of the fact that successfully managing within the work setting for CARF Accreditation is all about using priorities one another’s time and attention.

Given the little available time during the average work day, addiction treatment leaders must determine their Work Teams progress towards achieving performance objectives. In this process, continuously measuring the quality of services being produced is essential for customer satisfaction. One of the questions Loren Hoffman has spent time figuring out, is how leaders can successfully interpret this health care environment that is moving and changing faster than ever. His conclusion is really part genius and far reaching when you think about it.

One of the most important roles of today’s leader has to be that of interpreting and simplifying complex data into useable bites.  Their next step, is to direct their Work Teams’ most effective use of the organizations’ scarce resources.

CARF Accreditation work is about how we use our time and energies and how we use our staff’s time and resources effectively. 

Loren’s academic studies include a Masters of Social Work Degree, Bachelor of Arts Degree, and an Associate of Arts Degree.

His down to earth communications style together with his caring nature for persons served is immediately recognizable.

Loren has built strategies for organizational change, simplified information sharing, and assisted organizations in making clearer choices in a complex world.