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Welcome to the ACG Group

The ACG Group is a national consulting firm specializing in drafting CARF Accreditation policies and procedures for behavioral health and addictions treatment services. The ACG Group is a comprehensive consulting firm in the field of behavioral health and addiction treatment services. ACG partners with clients to deliver customized solutions that resolve most CARF Accreditation issues.

ACG provides a broad range of services including CARF oriented templates of policies and procedures, Planning manuals oriented for CARF approval, strategic plans, and quality improvement outcome reports.

Whether your need is assistance with CARF Accreditation, employee motivation, management or leadership development, marketing initiatives, program design, and systems enhancement, we’ll know where to start. 

We provide written CARF written policies and make a 3 year accreditation easy and successful.

We offer an initial Phone Conference on CARF Issues and an assessment at no cost.

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CARF Accreditation
We specialize in providing draft policies and procedures that meet or exceed CARF standards. Very often there’s a measure of real urgency when providers' are seeking CARF Accreditation..
Consulting Services
ACG provides a broad range of consulting services including CARF oriented templates of policies and procedures, planning manuals, plans, and quality outcome reports.

Embrace online seminars and training services to ensure that your staff is well-equipped to meet CARF Accreditation Standards effectively.