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Jeff Kushner

Jeff Kushner is a prominent figure in the healthcare industry.

Jeff actively promotes cooperation alongside Managed Care Delivery Systems. As this healthcare system develops, payor organizations will continue to implementing aggressive tactics clarifying the roles of providers, patients, and payers.

Managed Care Organizations (MCOs) are taking a firm stance by denying treatments and deploying resistance strategies that impact providers with reduced residential stays, increased patient deductibles, and barriers to essential health services access. Despite mounting pressure for fair reimbursement practices from stakeholders, managed payors persist in their approach of simply saying no.

Nationally, MCO tactics have shifted towards punitive measures such as low provider payments, delayed payments, and contract terminations. Traditional fee-for-service agreements are being replaced with limited reimbursement models.

Managed care delivery systems now prioritize profitability through actions like raising premiums, eliminating unprofitable business lines, and exiting underperforming markets. These strategic shifts lead to significant premium increases for healthcare plans and limit affordable options for small employers.

Figures like Jeff Kushner play a crucial role in promoting consumer access to lower-cost healthcare by encouraging providers to deliver services more efficiently.