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CARF Required Plans

With CARF accreditation, your organization can elevate its standards. You will also have the ability of delivering exceptional healthcare services. At the heart of CARF’s rigorous approach are nine key administrative plans that will showcase the organization’s commitment to standards, accepting responsibility, and ongoing improvement.

 1.The Cultural Competency Plan ensures your organization is accessible and inclusive for all, regardless of age, gender, sexual orientation, spiritual beliefs, socioeconomic status, or language.

2. The Performance Measurement and Management Plan implements robust systems to drive better outcomes for those in your care.

3.The Quality Improvement Plan provides evidence of your conformance to CARF’s exacting standards, with the support of the ACG Group.

4.The Risk Management Plan proactively controls threats to your people, property, and ability to accomplish your goals.

5.Strategic Plans establish a solid foundation for success by leveraging your strengths and addressing weaknesses.

6.The Technologies and Systems Plan embraces modern tools to support your operations and service delivery.

7. The Exclusion and Restraint Plan creates learning environments that prioritize patient well-being and encourage ethical relationships between staff and patients.

8.The Infection Control Plan implements systems and procedures to monitor the quality and use of services, including the patient environment.

By partnering with ACG Group’s Consulting Services, you can unlock the life-changing power of these essential plans. Demonstrate your unwavering commitment to excellence.