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Welcome to the Addictions Consulting Group

Changing the definition of how leadership views the problems it faces, can define how an organization is run. In these fast paced times the greatest management barriers may not always be our ability connecting with the marketplace. Oftentimes, the biggest roadblocks we’re facing are coming from within our own organization. How quickly we can unscramble operating problems, cut costs, keep everyone happy, while staying competitive frequently determines our level of success in adapting to change.

The best solutions require building teamwork, having people working in unison, and quickly engineering efficiency into day to day operations – all essential elements in creating a successful enterprise. We believe the Addictions Consulting Group (ACG) has a much greater capacity in helping you shape the future than you might otherwise you allow yourself to think about. What we are really good at is creating unique strategic plans, finding new sources of revenue, assisting with CARF Accreditation, building Clinical Outcome data, designing improved addiction treatment delivery systems and building low-cost technology solutions. We can successfully help move your operations in the right direction. The key objective in this competitive environment is to quickly have the addictions and mental health treatment facilities we serve up and functioning as a complete delivery system.

CARF Accreditation
Very often there’s a measure of real urgency when providers are seeking national accreditation, including renewed demands of 3rd party payers, expectations of referral sources and increased government demands for quality improvement.
Electronic Health Records
Do you want an EHR program that understands your software, medical record and business office needs? With ACG's  Tx Plan+ - Cloud based software,  you have access to real time information and advanced technology. 
Consulting Services
There is no question the healthcare landscape is changing rapidly. The environment will continue to do so as insurance based reimbursement becomes the primary source of funding for both mental health and addiction  treatment providers.
Performance outcomes measurement and program evaluation are receiving mounting attention because of an increased governmental emphasis on health care accountability and cost management.