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Authentic Leadership

February 1, 2024

If Leadership is so important, where are the authentic leaders? Perhaps this question should be aimed at what leaders do rather than who they really are Management experts suggest that, real leaders lead by virtue of who they are. Authenticate … Continued

Data Management

January 1, 2024

Data Management remains at the core of successful hospitals. Identifying key patient quality indicators through an accreditation process assures that performance data will be collected and systematically monitored for quality assurance. Data variables, or measures should include those aimed at … Continued

Improving Healthcare

December 1, 2023

Healthcare field is one of the most exciting frontiers. Today we have an environment where patient needs are climbing, yet the levels of resources and reimbursement payouts are shrinking. Leadership in the healthcare field is even more essential. Healthcare today, … Continued

Consumer Expectations

November 3, 2023

Consumer expectations in provider improvements of service quality are increasing. Giving people a decision-making framework for their choice of health provider has become a emerging market trend. The message health providers have to hear are that, provider services must become … Continued

Strategic Plans

October 3, 2023

Strategic plans within the organization can provide a long term action plan. By defining specific steps of how scarce resources will be used, Strategic Plans allow the organization to respond to a changing marketplace. Strategic plans call on management to … Continued


September 8, 2023

Employees usually love a young fearless, energetic and charismatic leader. Young Leaders must have the foresight, energy and ability to devise brilliant strategies, then have the timing to carry them out. These type of leaders have an internal fire, energy … Continued

Hospital Costs

August 7, 2023

More States are scrutinizing hospitals’ costs than ever before. As of late, States have had more than a “passing” interest in better understanding where hospital dollars are being spent on community benefits. Understanding how much and where those expenditures are … Continued

Changing Healthcare Services

July 1, 2023

Healthcare services are slowly changing. Most recently, rising consumerism and new market trends have slowly ushered in an era of improved quality in healthcare services. Consumerism along with government intervention has been responsible for lowering costs of behavioral health and … Continued

Value Based Purchasing

June 1, 2023

Value based purchasing is a government mechanism designed to reduce healthcare costs. Value based purchasing reimbursement has been developed by the Federal government with the cooperation of 3rd party payors. Performance based programming under this type of reimbursement has been … Continued

Team Building

May 1, 2023

Team Building is dependent on effective communications. One of the major keys to building a more effective Team is dependent on the working relationship between managers and staff. This critical communication process should include managers’ understanding the positive dynamics in … Continued