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Healthcare Payments

Healthcare providers must adapt quickly to adjust in the face of changing healthcare payments. Electronic billing and corroboration of clinical outcomes have become essential for insurance-based reimbursement. Providers need strong electronic health record systems to meet these standards. Current performance … Continued

Technology and Consumers

April 16, 2024

New technology changes have revolutionized the way consumers engage with healthcare services.  New technology empowers consumers them to now take charge of their well-being like never before. Technology has seen the increased rise of consumerism in healthcare. Individuals are actively … Continued

CARF Accreditation Excellence

April 3, 2024

CARF Accreditation stands as a standard of excellence. Poised to revolutionize patient care in 2024. As the healthcare landscape changes, so must the standards. CARF, an accrediting organization, is at the cutting edge of driving change in patient services through … Continued

Satisfied Customers

March 1, 2024

Clients who feel their needs are being met, stay with healthcare services.  It is also true that a client who feels good about the services they are receiving, will have better outcomes. It matters a great deal that we know … Continued

Authentic Leadership

February 1, 2024

Authentic leadership is not just about who you are, but what you do. True leaders lead by their actions and virtues. They invest time and effort considering what is best for the organization’s interests and its future development. Authentic leadership … Continued

Data Management

Data Management remains at the core of successful health facilities. Identifying key patient quality indicators through a CARF accreditation process assures that performance data will be collected and systematically monitored for quality assurance. Data variables, or measures should include those … Continued

Improving Healthcare

December 1, 2023

Healthcare field is one of the most exciting frontiers. Today we have an environment where patient needs are climbing, yet the levels of resources and reimbursement payouts are shrinking. Leadership in the healthcare field is even more essential. Healthcare today, … Continued

Consumer Expectations

November 3, 2023

Consumer expectations in provider improvements of service quality are increasing. Giving people a decision-making framework for their choice of health provider has become a emerging market trend. The message health providers have to hear are that, provider services must become … Continued

Strategic Plans

October 3, 2023

Strategic plans within the organization can provide a long term action plan. By defining specific steps of how scarce resources will be used, Strategic Plans allow the organization to respond to a changing marketplace. Strategic plans call on management to … Continued


September 8, 2023

Employees are often drawn to young, fearless, energetic, and charismatic leaders. These leaders possess the foresight, energy, and strategic brilliance to devise innovative strategies and the timing to execute them flawlessly. Young leaders with an internal fire, boundless energy, and … Continued