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Managing Misdiagnoses

October 3, 2021

 Dollars spent on misdiagnoses are medical services gone wrong. Better management of healthcare systems can lead to more successful patient outcomes. Present error rates make it essential for more accurate treatment decision-making in medical services. As an example, payer incentives … Continued

2022 Budget Gaps

September 2, 2021

Given future federal budget reductions in 2022, cash strapped States will have to self-fund more social programming. Faced with future budget reductions many mental health and addiction treatment programs will find their services impacted by future funding cuts. While pressures … Continued

Strategic Leadership

August 10, 2021

Being strategic requires leaders to maintain operational commitments while assembling resources. The Leaderships’ goal must be to maximize resource flexibility. While it is often challenging to balance resources and flexibility – this can be the difference between success and failure. … Continued

Evaluating Behavioral Health

June 2, 2021

Evaluating Behavioral Healthcare is receiving increasing attention. Expected government budget shortfalls in 2022 suggest greater emphasis on health care accountability and cost containment. More efficient, outcome monitoring systems are crucial if behavioral health care costs are to be reduced, and … Continued

Health Care Delivery Solutions

May 1, 2021

Health care requires solutions. The economy has changed and so must Healthcare delivery systems. Taking the promises made by the Biden Administration seriously, means accepting the critics on both sides of an issue. Health Care administrators must begin by listening … Continued

Clinical Quality Measurement

April 4, 2021

Clinical Outcomes are defined as “the health status of a patient”. Outcome measures require data about health status occurring within the patient record. Measuring health outcomes is central to assessing the quality of care. Outcome measures such as quality improvement, … Continued

Readmission Issues

March 1, 2021

Patient Readmissions Are A Revolving Door For Residential Addiction Programs  One of the continuing problems with addiction treatment has been the growing numbers of addiction patients failing to complete residential care. The problem is these same patients turn around and … Continued

New Consumer Behaviors

February 1, 2021

In 2021, the behavioral health industry will be shaped by a much more active consumer movement. More than ever before patients are increasingly knowledgeable, better organized, and more clearly heard by the communities they live in. Equipped with evidence-based data … Continued

Blur of Change in Healthcare

January 1, 2021

There is a blur of change happening in healthcare services.    Solutions such as reduced staffing positions, production processing of patients, secretive pricing policies – all have been pushed by large hospital systems as a move to maximize profit. Increasingly, … Continued

Improving Services

December 2, 2020

The New Year is an ideal time for CEO’s to consider improving services.   Take a minute and begin with a walk- through of your facility, just as if you were a first time patient or visitor. Spend a few minutes … Continued