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Authentic Leadership

February 1, 2024

If Leadership is so important, where are the authentic leaders?

Perhaps this question should be aimed at what leaders do rather than who they really are

Management experts suggest that, real leaders lead by virtue of who they are. Authenticate leaders are comfortable enough to take the time and energy to consider what’s in the organizations interest and the future development.

Authenticate leadership style is developing projects where there is instant feedback from the decision making team, then through continuous adjustments to daily operations.

By utilizing genuine feedback and swift adjustments to daily operations to counteract problem areas, leaders drive the operation forward. Eating, sleeping and breathing timelines is essential to successful operations. When leaders manage a daily, “To Do List” of what has to be accomplished, then problems get solved. What needs to happen today? Tomorrow? This week?

Building a simple tracking tools of project elements and who is assigned responsibility for key elements keeps projects on track. This tool could be as simple as a three ring binder with chapter dividers for each of the projects key elements.

Authenticate leaders have mastered the art of the 20 minute morning meetings. What gets measured and recognized gets done. With mandatory daily attendance at these morning meetings, the key people have an opportunity to give quick progress reports, nail down the daily priorities and give voice to major concerns. Think of the math here, the Team spends 30% talking and 70% of their time actively engaged in doing.